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38. Shooting gallery (part 2)

April 21, 2013

In this post, I’ll add a zoom feature to my scope sights. In other words, the screen under the sights will enlarge the screen underneath by 2-5 times.

How do you include a zoom? This is is what I did.

  • I drew the background image (targets etc) on an image instead of on the screen [1]
  • I drew the previous shot marks on that image as well [2]
  • I created an empty image the same size as the image for my sights
  • I drew the background image onto it, multiplied by the zoom factor [3][4]
  • I drew the scope image on top of that
  • I drew the background on the screen
  • I drew my zoomed image on the screen[5]

[1] This is because I’m going to have to draw it twice, as you will see below
[2] because I want to see shot marks when I zoom in
[3] so if the zoom is 3, I set the sprite width as 3 x the normal background width
[4] choosing x,y carefully so the right part of the background appears on the image
[5] this overlays the zoomed part of the image over the normal background

And this is the code required:

    --make copy of background
    --draw past shots on screen
    for i,v in pairs(shots) do

    if>0 then --if aiming, draw scope and zoom
        local x,y=aim.x, aim.y+scopeBuffer --aiming point
        --zoom first
        --create new image to contain zoomed image and scope
        setContext(img) --draw on our copy pf the scope
        --draw backdrop on our little image so it shows the bit we want
        --note zoom factor
        --overlay the scope
        setContext() --this is needed for some reason before we set it to a different image
        setContext(imgBack) --now draw our zoom image onto the background copy
    sprite(imgBack,0,0)  --draw the background copy with everything on it

And here is all the code.

PS I would have liked to make the zoom area circular, like the scope, but I couldn’t think of a way to do it.


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