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3D – That’s all, folks!

May 31, 2013

I’ll post my library together with some different scenes for you to play with, in the next couple of days.

Then I may get to play with something else for a change…

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  1. Saurabh permalink

    Thanks!! That was a brilliant tutorial on 3D Ignatz. Well done!! Learnt a lot.

  2. Begex permalink

    Just started reading your tutorial …shout out to Saurabh …. Must have been great watching this unfold in real time. Ignatz …. Where did you learn to write technical detail so clearly? I am a math teacher and am looking at Codea as a way to interest my students like Jeffery Wile. I will definitely use your tutorials with my programming savvy students, but am interested in also having them create similar lessons for other students. Is there a writing book that inspired you or is your style a talent?

    • Thank you! I simply like finding and sharing cool stuff, and I can’t judge the quality of what I write. My hope is simply that it makes it easier for other people to understand – I guess I’m writing down what I wish someone had explained to me!

      • Begex permalink

        Many props …. I got to lesson 18 in a couple of days. There is great stuff in there and I may modify the program to report a score of colors adjacent to the score color. I think I will need to keep a list of boundary/bounded squares during the recursion …. Back to the salt mines …. Glad I caught you before you moved on.

        If you decide to create a generic blog post the location here. Nice job!!!!!

      • Thanks. I sent you an email. Did you get t?

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