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103. Very good book on simulating natural events

August 20, 2013

There’s a programming language is called Processing, and it is very similar to Lua (as used in Codea), making it really easy to follow the code.

And there’s a really good book explaining how to simulate all kinds of natural processes like gravity, wind, forces, bird flocking and much, much more. I don’t think you’ll find a more clearly written explanation.

So I’m working my way through the book. Which is here.

There is also a set of YouTube videos which works through the same material. The author is clearly very shy, but you must give him credit for going through with it anyway.


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  1. Víctor Quezada permalink

    Nice reference! I was looking for something like that, thanks! And I don’t think the lectures are “bad” 😉


    • No, the lectures are more awkward, I admit. I’m surprised by how good the online book is, by comparison.

  2. Víctor Quezada permalink

    Yeah, that’s right.

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