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107. Step-by-step – Lunar lander

August 27, 2013

Today, the first in a series of step-by-step projects.

The problem with looking at other people’s code is that if it does anything interesting, it is probably quite long and complicated, and difficult to work through.

But when you are actually building a project, you don’t write it all at once like this. You add things one piece at a time. And if we could see the pieces being added one at a time, it would be much easier to follow what is going on.

That’s what step-by-step projects aim to do.

They are projects which are split into a number of code tabs, each of which can run on its own, and each of which adds something to the project, with explanations and comments. You can play with the code in each tab and then run it. When you run it, a slider at the left lets you choose which tab to run.

This project is a lunar lander, created by West. I have modified it for use in a school context, and added a couple of extra levels to make it more challenging.

The code is here.


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