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108. Step by step – puzzle tilting game

September 5, 2013

This is another step by step game, a copy of those little flat puzzles where you had to jiggle little balls into holes by tilting the puzzle. In this case, you tilt the iPad.

The important thing, though, is to use it to learn more about Codea. This puzzle uses physics as well as showing you you to use tilting.

Note – step by step projects are split into a number of code tabs, each of which can run on its own, and each of which adds something to the project, with explanations and comments. You can play with the code in each tab and then run it. When you run it, a slider at the left lets you choose which tab to run.

Code here. (As always, paste by pressing on “Add new project” until you get the option to “Paste into project”, so the code goes into tabs).


From → Physics, Step by step

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