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137. Don’t spill the Soup

November 22, 2013

I just wrote a very simple game, but I think it would be fun


It’s based on the demo app called Gravity, which shows an arrow pointing towards the floor.

In this game, the Gravity function is used to make a circle (dark green above) move around, and if it goes outside any of the other 3 circles, you score penalty points. So the idea is to keep the iPad very steady.

You can set different difficulty levels which make it easier or harder to keep the iPad steady.

You might imagine that this sounds quite boring. But the idea is not to stand still – it would make a nice family or party game, where you have to balance the iPad while crossing an obstacle course of furniture, or racing around the whole house as fast as possible, or singing a song, or whatever, without scoring too highly. So it’s something that can be used in all sorts of ways.

Game design

I’ve kept it extremely simple. There is a difficulty setting and buttons for Start and Stop, and the screen above. That’s all.

The screen doesn’t change except for the score/time, and the inner “soup” circle, which wobbles with the iPad. So I drew the rest of the screen – ie the title, and the three other circles – onto an image using setContext, so that each time I draw, all I have to do is sprite that image rather than drawing all the circles and text every time.

I’ve put some sound in whenever a penalty happens. It’s not very pretty – but soon, I understand, we’ll be able to include our own sounds, so it’s more of a placeholder.

I borrowed the gravity code right out of the Gravity app, and modified it.

Code is here


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