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What should I do next?

February 8, 2014

I have spent a long, long time doing 3D rotations and flying, and it’s time to do something different.

If you have a preference, please add a comment.

For example, I was thinking of a sidescroller, as one option. Or maybe there’s some aspect of Codea that doesn’t make sense.


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  1. Saurabh permalink

    Have you done anything on mulitple lights? Not two or three around 20-30. I’m trying to do that but if I do it in real time it’s slow, if I do it before and texture it, it’s not realistic.

    Here’s how i do it.
    Calulate which light will effect the mesh the most and then use it with the normal shader. But this can be an issue if two light sources are close.
    So I haven’t yet come up with a perfect solution.

    • I don’t think 20-30 lights is practical, 2-3 is more realistic. The way lights work in shaders is you add all the light together, so it could end up being too bright

      Why would you need so many?

  2. saurabh permalink

    I’m making a 3D game, with lights throughout the map. I also want to focus on speed, so maybe I’ll have to compromise on the lighting.

    The game only has vertical or horizontal walls so it’s quite easy to make everything in one mesh, but then I can only have one light source per mesh that is what is causing an issue. Either I can have one light or slow speed or not good looking lights(all light effects in a texture). That’s why I was looking for a solution with multiple lights.

    Currently I’m going with not good looking lights.

  3. saurabh permalink

    You could also do a tutorial on shadow mapping. It’s quite a simple concept and can be applied to bump mapping too(the reading of data from texture part)

    Though an iPad may not be ideal for real time shadows, but shadow mapping can be easily used to texture shadows from static lights in the setup itself. It’ll also add a realistic effect to the 3D world.

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