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About the lack of new posts

April 3, 2014

I haven’t posted for a while.

You see, the reason I love Codea is that it gave me the chance to learn about graphics programming, 3D, lighting and all the other things I’d dreamed of doing when I was stuck in a suit doing business type work.

I’m not imaginative enough to make games (and I’m realistic enough to know there is little chance of making any money from them), so I’ve focussed on learning all I can. I’ve used this blog to chart my progress as I learned about all these new toys, and about Codea and Lua, which has things like these wonderful crazy tables that are unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Having fought a battle with quaternions and 3D rotations for about 2 months (with the help of our resident mathematician), I felt a bit burned out. I also seem to have got to the end of exploring Codea, and while I would not claim to be an expert in most of it (and I know I would never have made it as a professional graphics programmer!), I understand something about most of it, and I haven’t found anything new to get me excited in a while.

But I haven’t gone away. I’m just waiting for something interesting to come along.

Anyway, I hope you’re still enjoying Codea, the best way to learn mobile graphics programming.


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  1. Zoyt permalink

    I don’t know if you are going to read this, but I’d say that a large potion of the Codea forums are interested in making Objective C add one. I would love to do tutorials on them, but I’m really tied up with the rest of my life. If you need any pointers, which I can’t imagine you do, I’m always available for quick tips.

  2. Ignatz, keep up the good work!

  3. I like specially the strange mix of expertise and humbleness of your blog 😉

    • ah well, I am experienced enough to realise that I am only an enthusiastic amateur

      Also, I write as I learn, so my knowledge is usually fairly new!

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