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March 24, 2013

I’ve put together some Codea demos that demonstrate the bouncing balls and physics I covered in some early tutorials. This is a convenient way to learn while using Codea.

You’ll find them here:
(If you haven’t downloaded from Pastebin before, go to the bottom of the code and there is a smaller textbox underneath where the code is repeated. Select all in this box and copy it).

When you go to Codea, don’t paste the code into an existing project (if you do, all the code will be in one big pile in a single tab). Instead, press – and hold – the button to create a new project, and you’ll get the option to paste into a new project. Press this, and you should find all your code is neatly arranged in tabs, in a new project. You can use this trick any time you import code from somewhere else.

Please note something very important when you do run the demos – they were NOT built to make impressive onscreen demonstrations, but to make it easy for you to learn how to replicate them in your own projects. The code is full of explanations and comments, and that’s where you should go.

I am currently developing a series of demos on meshes and 3D modelling. The progress to date is here or here.

Constructive feedback and comments are welcome.

  1. Inanc permalink

    Your tutorial is very useful and I am grateful to you for all the effort you’ve put into this. However is a banned site in my country and I can’t reach your demos. Is it possible for you to share them in codea forum?

  2. Inanc permalink

    Don’t mind my previous comment. I can reach the site now.

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